Les toques blanches du monde

Paul A. Johnson

Poste : Chef cuisinier

Lieu : Cambridge, Royaume-Uni


With experience of well over a decade and a half, Paul-Anthony Johnson has gathered practical and theoretical knowledge from a wide spectrum of catering, gastro pub, Michelin star rated restaurant to rosettes Hotels. In the journey he managed to head four kitchens, open two businesses and worked with teams of multiple cultural background successfully.

He followed in the foot step of Chefs who have been following the paths of Escoffier as well as those who work close with British Chef Gary Rhodes. His roots go as far back as the Caribbean island of Jamaica, where he fell in love with cooking as a profession.  From there on, he gathers qualifications from places such as Johnson and Wales University in America and in the more recent years First Aid qualification in the UK.

With his time in the kitchen, Paul-Anthony Johnson has been able to steadily improve his standard to attract not only the employment which favors his career, but also mould young Chef careers as he teaches them different techniques and method to improve their personal development as stronger individuals or as a team in the work force brigade. Whether it is learning how to make a particular dish from scratch using research data and applications to training for management enrollment over lower order team member. His latest place of employment was at Wyboston Lake Hotel and Leisure Center.