Les toques blanches du monde

Arnaud Normand


Position : Pastry Chef

Establishment : Glaçage

Location : Beijing, China

For his first position as a Chef, Arnaud Normand helped create the brand and all the fabrication process of Chocolate. He works directly with the producers in order to select the best cocoa beans. As soon as his first year comes to an end, he is rewarded with the 2nd and 3rd price of the Academy of Chocolate in London.

After that, he is an apprentice at L’Auberge des Templiers, 2 Michelin stars, from 2000 to 2002, then he spends one year as a Commis at la Côte D’or with Benard L’Oiseau .

He also worked as Chef Chocolatier at Marou, maker of chocolat in Vietnam.

“I have a great passion for chocolate and everything linked to the culinary univers. I also have a great sense of taste, color, textures in everything I produce. Creativity and talent, the ability to give orientation and leadership and a strengh for the team, a distinct sense for business and strong work ethics, as well as attention to details…”





9 QUESTIONS To CHEF Arnaud normand :

  • Where do you come from?
    From a village and a family of potters in Nièvre, in St Amand en Puisaye (France).


  • What is your career path?
    I started off by an apprenticeship in the kitchens of L’auberge des Templiers Relais & châteaux 2 Michelin stars, with Chef Christophe Eme in 2000 – 2002, then a short year with Chef Bernard Loiseau in Saulieu 3 Michelin stars.
    After that, another 1 year apprenticeship in a pastry shop with Chef Bernard Rosignion in Bourges and a year as a chocolatier apprentice with Pascal Caffet in Troyes. 
Then some companies in Toulouse : Maison Pillon, Gymm Caterer, Fouquet’s casino Lucien Barriere and the Carque d’or
. My first position was as Bean to bar Chef Chocolatier at Marou Faiseur de chocolat in Vietnam where I set up the mission with the brand creators. After being Pasty Chef for the Pierre Marcolini Shop in London, I am today in Beijing working for a new establishment specialized in Eclairs.


  • What made you want to become a chef?
    I don’t think it was a will, more of a logical pursuit of the evolution of my career.


  • Where do you get your inspiration? 
    My inspiration is singular, as everything I do is in the moment. My feelings, my mood, the colors around me, the tastes of the products around me, etc.. I am also a diabetic Chef which influences my dishes in which I use much less sugar, or that I replace with other strong tasting ingredients.


  • Describe your universe in a few words.
    My universe is really chocolate more than pastry. The fact that I know how to work with chocolate, from the beans that I select bag by bag at the farm.


  • What is your signature dish/ ingredient?
    My signature dish is a chocolate candy : A 75% cocoa ganache with lime and pepper. In my pastries, I use a lot of lemon zest.


  • Which chefs influence you?
    The Chefs that influence me the most are the ones that taught me during my apprenticeships, like Christophe Eme, Pascal Caffet, Angelo Musa as well as other Chefs like Oliver Bajard, Nicolat Boussin, Alexander Kislitsyn, Guillaume Mabilleau.


  • What is your best gastronomic memory/experience?
    My best experience was my first years as Chef chocolatier at Marou as well as the acknowledgment of our work by the Salon du Chocolat in Paris as “Hope of the year” in 2012.


  • A place you would recommend?
    Christophe Emes’ restaurant in Los Angeles. In France, my good friend Arnaud Tabarec at Seasens in Cannes.