Les toques blanches du monde

Bruno Elsier

Moroco Chocolat

Bruno Elsier started his culinary career at the age of 16. Growing up among chefs/master bakers and pastry chef, it seemed almost obvious he would go the same route.
After graduating from COOVI-PIVIT in Brussels, he worked in different gastronomic dining restaurant and hotels such as Hilton. During his Military Duty he was the personal chef of the Chief in command of the Belgian Forces in Germany. He had the opportunity to cater the wedding of Princess Astrid of Belgium and some other functions at the Royal Palace.

He is a foodie, freelance writer for Food Magazines, book writer, and active fundraiser for different good causes, just like the Chef’s International Day and Second Harvest, Judge at Cooking with the Wolf Man Show, participant in Real Eats and other Culinary Food Network events and also a business owner.

His culinary skills are often asked for by Rational Canada, Tabasco, Cacao Barry Callebaut and Demarle North America, Rougié Foie Gras and Rising Chefs as a consultant/chef.
He joined lately the hostelry group Compass as the Food Service Director at IBM, Markham. He is Member of the Escoffier Society of Toronto and CCFCC and Vébic Belgium, Co-Chair at the Canadian Selection World Chocolate Masters and judge for the Intercollegiate Canadian Chocolate Masters. He has been awarded several regional, provincial, national and international awards for his culinary excellency.

In July 2013, he has joined La Rocca Creative Cakes as a Production Supervisor, overseeing the assembly and finishing lines. In 2014 joined the R&D team at La Rocca as an Assistant R&D Manager.  Bruno Elsier is the Executive Chef and Pastry Chef of Moroco Chocolat in Toronto.

He also proud to be a membership of the Chef Club of Les Toques Blanches du Monde.


Chef Bruno Elsier