Les toques blanches du monde

Claudio Ilundayn

Llao Llao Hotel & Resort



Position : Chef Pâtissier

Establishment :  Llao Llao Hotel & Resort

Location: Río Negro, Argentina


Claudio Ilundayn is currently the Chef Patissier of the Patagonian five Star Hotel, Llao – Llao. Here he manages a team of eleven people and has been holding this position for the past year.

Previously he led Pastry Teams at The Brick Hotel M Gallery Buenos Aires and Palacio Duhau Park Hyatt Buenos Aires. He started as a cook at a very exclusive five star Faena Art Hotel.

His career in Gastronomy started as a hobby, he always liked cooking for friends and family and trying new recipes. He has a degree in journalism and has worked for prestigious publications, radio and TV, before he set foot in a professional kitchen. Claudio Ilundayn has always been curious, restless and adventurous and that made him enroll in one of the best schools in culinary arts in Argentina.

From his first internship in an old restaurant on the bohemian quarter of Buenos Aires to the kitchens of several five star hotels, his hobby became passion. He had the pleasure of working with many talented professionals from all over the world. He trained and consolidated several work teams and takes pride knowing that many of them manage their own teams now.

And he’s still eager! To keep learning, developing, investigating new techniques, playing with textures geometry and flavors. He enjoys leading and working tight with his team in all the creative process.