Les toques blanches du monde

Cristian Gadau

Position : Chef

Location : Rome, Italy


The font of my culinary philosophy is to be found in my emotions…There is no real teacher or gastronomical education behind it.

Everything I create stems from a sincere strong passion that leads me to experiment with modern techniques applied to traditional cooking with a mediterranean accent together with oriental cookery.

All this magic blend of tastes and colours I place inside a frame called plate. From an artistic point of view my culinary vision finds spontaneous inspiration in the abstract paintings of Wassilly Kandinsky , the unimitable madness of Salvador Dali and the crazy mix of colours of Leonid Afremov.


My culinary journey follows a road full of dynamic direction full of creative fonts which I use to inspire me. My daily task is based on trying to blend , unite and produce harmoniously the three important factors that I believe in… Taste… Abstractism… Technique.

Every time I nearly reach this perfection only to find myself slipping backwards as though I am on the slippery surface of a mirror. The sensation that I feel during my research fills me with serenity and absolute happiness.

My greatest dream is that of trying to convey these soul filling sensations also to others. Make my public participants and fellow travellers inside something that may lead our souls and bodies into a world full of colours, positivity, true peace .

A much better place to live in…”