Les toques blanches du monde

Laurent Siloret


Position : Chef

Establishment : Mykitchenchef

Location : Melbourne, Australia


Laurent Sirolet works with great names of the gastronomy, like Joel Robuchon in 1990 as his Commis de Cuisine, Guy Savoy in 1995 as Chef de partie, but also Jean-Claude Blanc as his Second in London in 1996. He also works with a colleague of Alain Ducasse, Christophe Leroy at La Table du Marché in St Tropez in 2002.

Laurent Siloret 4

Later, he works in the United States as Chef de Cuisine for the restaurant Le Provence in Orlando in 2004. These last years, he also worked as private Chef for billionaires on private boats and houses.

Since 2009, he is in Australia within his own company Mykitchenchef.