Les toques blanches du monde

Nina Tarasova

Pastry / Consultant

Position : Consultant Pastry Chef

Location : St. Petersburg, Russia


9 questions to chef Nina Tarasova:

  • Where do you come from?
    I’m from Russia, St.-Petersburg.


  • What is your career path?
    I’m Pastry Consultant. Making consulting for Pastry Shops and Restaurant at the all the world. Creating new desserts, flavors, styling… It is impossible to imagine a restaurant or a cafe without a list of desserts, a confectionery without pies, and a bakery without bread. Dessert is like a finishing chord in a splendid part of lunch or dinner. Not only must it be tasty, it must also be light and dainty. And it goes without saying that the last impression of the finishing chord is sure to be at the high level. Therefore, I like to do, what I’m doing..


  • What made you want to become a chef?
    I have two different diploma before, how I understood, that all my life, dreams, passion, soul – it’s pastry. My first diploma – I’m director of theatrical performances, wrote different scenario and implement it. Second – I’m HR at the IT sphere. I was HR Director at the big IT Hosting company. But… It didn’t make me happy.


  • Where do you get your inspiration?
    Everywhere. All around me give me inspiration. But more – France. It’s country of my soul. I always, when coming to France feel, like I come to home. I like to make walking tour at the city with my notepad and colored pencils. Energy from this place everywhere and I feel it on the my fingertips – sunshine, wind, the smell of freshly baked bread, the clicking of heels on the paving stones, people’s smile, fishnet bars on the windows … I can seat at the café and drawing what I feel, how I see all this, but in the form of a cake. Or Musical! Not one time was, when after good spectacle I imagine new fantastic cake. Inspiration around us, we need only open our eyes, like at the childhood.


  • Describe your universe in a few words.
    My family, my freedom, my sweets.


  • What is your signature dish/ ingredient?
    I like to make experiments with different flavors and textures. For example – beets, raspberries and tarragon; or rhubarb, hibiscus, red currant; ginger and mandarin; or cucumber, strawberry and basil; or saffron with honey. Or take old classic Russian desserts (it’s very old style, for me is too sweet) and make new, my version with good balance of flavors and taste. I so love it, to make this experiments and very happy that my audience understanding me.


  • Which chefs influence you?
    Pierre Herme, yes. I think, thanks to him, I became a pastry chef. The first time when I arrived in Paris, his desserts were the first that I have tried. His book – was my first cookbook and on it, even not knowing the French language, I learned to cook. He’s my inspiration.


  • What is your best gastronomic memory/experience?
    When I worked in Lyon in the pastry shop Nicolas Pepin. The best of memory and very strong experience.


  • A place you would recommend?
    Welcome to St.Petersburg and I will give you to taste very good desserts!