Les toques blanches du monde

Pierre Négrevergne

La Terrasse Mirabeau

When other kids dreamed of being a firefighter or an astronaut, Pierre Négrevergne already stated with conviction: “I want to be a Chef or a pastry Chef”, two jobs that seemed rather forbidden to a kid suffering from asthma and flour allergy. Bake, fry or knead batter while standing on a chair… It is yet in the kitchen that he feels the best and expresses his creativity and talent.

Pierre bathed in cuisine and gastronomy since his very young age near his mother and grandmother’s stoves. From the village that has seen him birth, Barle-Duc, to the Vercors in France he learnt with the greatest Chefs that transmitted their knowledge and value for the job.

Chef Négrevergne then entered some fine tables outside of Paris and more precisely at Les Frères Cotton in Grenoble, le Pommerois then les Terrasses d’Uriage side by side with Philippe Bouissou.

At the age of 24, he decided to get his pastry diploma, which seemed necessary to complete his knowledge and his instincts. “As an evidence, to add a wonderful prong on my fork !”

In 1995, Pierre join the Royal Monceau with the position of chef de partie in pastry with the Chef Bruno Cirino. One year later, he finally obtains his diploma from the friends of Curnonsky from whom he keeps a maxim: “the products need to have the taste of what they are”. He met Michel Rostang who offers him a director’s position at Bistro d’à coté Flaubert, the first annex to the Chef’s restaurant.

In 2004, after 8 years at his side, he becomes the apprentice of Auguste Escoffier… Then, willing to build something on his own, he make the acquisition of Terasse des Mirabeau. Fell in love with the charm of this place, under the trees, like a heaven of peace in the middle of Paris. Pierre Négrevergne instantly imagined his clients tasting his creations in the shades of this vast terrace. “I created an atmosphere that reflects my personality, simple and stylized.”

Home made, Pierre Négrevergne

Pierre Négrevergne