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Vedat Basaran

Nar Lokantasi

Vedat Basaran is a Turkish chef, and food culture researcher from Istanbul who is well-known for his contributions to the culinary world, through his interpretations of old Ottoman cookery books and re-introducing the forgotten dishes of Ottoman culinary culture.

Chef Basaran graduated from Department of Tourism and Hotel Management of Uludag University in Balıkesir, Turkey. He completed his masters in London on Hospitality and Catering and received the City & Guilds diploma. He started his culinary career in London, working at well-known restaurants and lecturing on culinary arts. Upon his return to Turkey, he started working for Celik Gulersoy’s TURING organization with Dr.Tugrul Savkay, and carried on the assessment programs of TURING.

In 1990 he was the part of the opening team of Ciragan Palace Kempinski, and worked as an Assistant Manager responsible for food and beverage for 7 years. During this time he established the dynamics of catering sector in macro field, providing support for Turkey’s first non-governmental organization, Association Amicale des Gourmets in Turkey (Mutfak Dostlari Dernegi).

He established his first restaurant Feriye, in 1997, where he was the general manager and executive chef. Later on he opened Karakol Restaurant located in Topkapi Palace. Currently he is managing Nar Lokantası in Nuruosmaniye, where he serves as board member of Nar Gourmet. He is also the director of YESAM – Yemek Sanatlari Merkezi (Culinary Arts Center), a research center for Turkish Cuisine.

Vedat worked for providing assessment of Ottoman’s historical cuisine both in civilian platforms and in catering services for the first time in Turkey. He aimed at directing public attention to Turkish historical cuisine by learning Ottoman Turkish language, to interpret old cookery books and applying the recipes by using these translations. His first Ottoman cuisine project was Tugra Restaurant located inside the Ciragan Palace, still serving the finest of the Ottoman-Turkish cuisine. Tugra Restaurant has won the Golden Plate Award by World Magazine Publishers Association.

Through seminars and informational meetings, Vedat Basaran’s work on Ottoman-Turkish and Anatolian cuisines have been introduced to many countries of the world and attracted the attention of the world media towards Turkey. Each year he holds seminars in local and international vocational schools where he introduces the traditional cooking techniques. He also holds seminars for food industry professionals, food writers, journalists, and food enthusiasts every year.

His accomplishments on Ottoman-Turkish cuisine has appeared on many means of media internationally including Food Art, GQ Magazine, Nice Matin, Magazine Merian, The Saveur, Le Vif, Travel and Leisure, The Financial Times, The Times, New York Times, and TV channels such as CNN, BBC, CBS, NHK. Chef Basaran also appeared on various Turkish TV channels, magazines and newspapers. He is also a regular contributor for the food section of Skylife Magazine of Turkish Airlines.

Over the years, Vedat has catered many state dinners and hosted leaders such as George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Gerhard Schröder, François Mitterand, Condolezza Rice, Konstantin G. Karamanlis, Tony Blair, Helmut Kohl, Prince Rainier of Monaco, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, Bashar Esad, Romano Prodi, Silvio Berlusconi, President of Qatar Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, Jose Luis Rodriquez Zapatero, Queen Sofia of Spain, Michel Platini, and all the Turkish prime ministers and presidents since Turgut Ozal. He also hosted NATO Summit Gala Dinner in 2004, Champions League Finals VIP Dinner at Ataturk Olympics Stadium in 2005 and African Country’s Leaders’ SummitGalaDinner.

Vedat Basaran was the only Turkish chef to be invited by Alain Ducasse to the 25th Anniversary of Louis XV celebrations that took place in Monaco in November, 2012. Through his excellent work and international fame, Chef Basaran has collaborated with worldwide famous chefs such as Paul Bocuse, Raymond Blanc, George Blanc, Michel Troisgros, Roger Verge and Alain Ducasse on various organizations.

Vedat basaran