Les toques blanches du monde

Mediterranean cuisine just click away



Chef Julien Diaz‘s new ebook, Parenthèse Culinaire, is the new must-have for mediterranean cuisine lovers !


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The ebook consists in 31 original and authentic gourmet recipes, and revolves around 16 key products.

Each recipe was created and served in the chef’s Restaurant l’Oggi and embodies his unique and blazing universe.


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This ebook is the result of a successful collaboration :

on the one hand chef Julien Diaz, who created the dishes and shot the pictures,

on the other hand, his wife, who came up with the idea of the ebook and designed it.


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Indeed, Parenthèse Culinaire was created solely for digital display.

In other words : interactivity is key. Explanations, fact sheets, bonus pictures… everything is available through only one click.

You’ll find pieces of advice, definitions, presentation and so much more behind the various images and icons !


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You can get the chef’s first culinary ebook on the Apple Store HERE